Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My Arc Notebook

Latest Video Tour of my Arc!

So I figured a good place to start this blog is a tour of my own Arc notebook...

It is an A5 Blue Leather Arc with the 1.5" discs.

The inside of my Arc is pretty well packed full of things, I'll try and give you a tour starting from the top left:

1) Stickers - Kept inside the front flap, I use these for all sort of things like marking days in my schedule. I get a lot of my stickers from Artbox.

2) Cards - Underneath the stickers are three business card slots, I use them to keep emergency contact numbers and my own contact details (which are also on the sticker) in case of loss.

3) Task Pads - I keep a few of the Arc Task Pad sheets, which are great value as you get loads for your money. I use these a lot to make lists.

4) Page Flags - The Arc Page Flags are pretty nice, I like how you could refill them too by sticking other page flags onto the backing plastic.

5) Snopake Polyfile - Behind the Page Flags is a Snopake Polyfile (Size P) that I hole punched and use for keeping money in.

6) Clips - On top of the Snopake and also on the Zip File are a few clips, I just really like these clips - the OHTO Smile Clips are amazing.

7) Pen - I use a Muji Erasable Pen in black. One of my favourite daily pens to use.

 I have one Zip File in the front which I keep a selection of Post-Its in, I am always using these so I like them on hand in my Arc. As you can see, I have both sets of Arc dividers - the side and top ones too. My Arc is very full of things but the whole idea of this was to keep everything in one place as lot of things I do cross over and I hate having loads of notebooks that I end up butchering to move into other ones. The Arc solves all of this!

Schedule - I made my own schedule pages on Adobe Illustrator as I just wanted something simple that I could just add my own days/dates onto. They work out perfectly for what I need. Although I will say if you're going to print your own Arc pages, use good quality printer paper. My printer paper is recycled and a bit thin and I tend to find that the pages come off too easily due to the paper's thinness. I use the Arc ruler as a bookmark.

 Expenses - Again, I made these pages myself in Illustrator, just keeping them nice and simple for my expenses. A short expense page encourages me to spend less. In theory.

To-Do - My To-Do section is quite short, I keep one list for general To-Do and another for things like books to read, games to play etc. I just use the Staples Arc To-Do sheets as they do the job nicely! Plus I have loads thank to previous 3 for 2 offers!

Notes - I keep some of the Martha Stewart large Post-Its on the divider as I use these a lot. I keep to the Arc Lined paper as it is very good writing paper, nice and smooth and inkier pens don't go through.

Projects - I use the same paper in this section as the previous one, I have it sandwiched between Notes and Ideas as these three sections are always having pages moved around.

Ideas - I use the Arc Graph Paper as I love using it to draft ideas, I also keep some Rhodia Dot Grid
paper in the back of this section as I do a lot of brainstorming on this paper. Plus more Martha Stewart Post-Its...

German - I am learning (well, relearning) German and I keep a few sheets of lined paper in here with the lessons I am currently working on.

Drawings - I use the Arc Blank paper as it is such lovely paper to use - I didn't think it would work well with pencils because of its smoothness but it does. It does have a small Arc logo in the bottom corner which might put some people off from using it.

Work - I put career notes in here, just with lined paper but it's littered with Post-Its and Task Pads...

Health -  I have health problems that I need to keep track of it, so I keep a load of lined paper in here to make notes. Again, lots of Post-Its, Task Pads etc.

I also have one poly pocket in the back, as it overlaps the dividers I like to keep it here so I can see my dividers clearly. The back cover has a large elastic band wrapped around it that I use to keep the Arc from coming open. It's one of those large elastic hair bands that you use to keep your hair off your face, they work quite well as they are soft so they won't damage the leather.

So that's a tour of my main very full, very decorated Arc. I have a few smaller ones which I will show you in a future post. Thanks for reading!