Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Arc Notebook (Update)

As previously mentioned here, I recently purchased a beautiful A5 woven fabric Arc. I decided to switch out my blue leather for the woven fabric one as I fancied a change - can always switch back if I want to, such is the beauty of this system! The woven fabric Arc weighs less than the leather one. I took it out with me the other day and I did not notice the weight as much as I did with the leather one. This might be something to consider for those wanting a robust but lighter option.

Dividers - As much as I love stickers and decoration, having the same dividers, despite however many stickers I add, can get stale. Plus, having uneven surfaces on the dividers means if you need to lean on them, it can be tricky to write on. I bought some black dividers to go with my woven fabric one and decided to keep them plain.

Planner Pages - I'm using the Arc weekly planner pages, I quite like them so far. Lots of room to write, the little note section at the bottom is quite nice, the fact they're undated so you can add whatever date you like. I'm wondering whether I prefer my own custom ones though, the week on one page meant I can fit more in (I only keep around 6 weeks worth at a time) and I like how limited the space is. Why? I have to pace my activities and not pack my days with too much for health reasons, if I only have a small amount of room, I have to keep my days compact.

Post-Its - I know it's not technically Arc related, but I switched out my usual Martha Stewart post-its for some neon coloured assorted ones. I really like the black dividers with the neon colours and against the brown and neutral tones of the Arc it completely doesn't match. And I love it. Also, is it true that Martha Stewart products are being discontinued at Staples?

So, there we have it! Also, I was very lucky to win a £10 Ryman voucher, courtesy of their Twitter competition for NatStat Week - I'm not sure what to spend it on - any suggestions for any particularly nice products?

Extra - I had to include this link from Men's Style Pro of a gentlemen called Sabir modelling with his Arc notebook! Just goes to show how dapper and stylish Arc Notebooks can be!