Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How To Change Discs

I've noticed that a lot of people are searching for information on how to change discs with the Arc system. It's really very simple!

What I personally do is take the front and back cover off of the notebook that I'm changing discs on. I then place the front and back cover onto the new discs. I made a quick video on how I pop the cover off. Once you've got the part above the little hole off, the bottom part will come off. I really need to find a word to describe the mushroom shaped hole in Arc notebooks!

Once I've got my notebook covers on the new discs, I then start adding the pages, pulling out about 8 at a time and placing them into the new notebook. This way, there's far less chance of ruining or messing up everything when changing discs.

If you need to take a disc off an empty notebook, twist the disc sideways whilst pulling firmly, they won't break! They are designed to be snapped in and out, it's just a case of pulling them out - nothing fancier then that! I think people get worried because the Arc notebook covers are quite thick and the discs can be difficult to remove, just yank 'em out, seriously. Arc notebooks are great quality and are very unlikely to break.

I hope this explains it, the whole process is very simple - it really is just a case of pulling the disc off whatever you want to remove it from. If you need any more help, feel free to comment or email me -

Also, I made a YouTube channel, click here to view it. It only has the above video on it at the moment, I might make some more but I'm not sure of how good they will be seeing as the best video camera I have in on my iPhone and trying to do stuff one handed is difficult!